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What's been going on?

It's ALL been going on, ALL of the time, ALL at once, and the workshop has been overwhelmed at times. When this happens, I have to slow the custom builds down to keep up with the guitar and amp servicing... sorry about that :| But I'm pleased to say that custom orders are back on track and I'm starting to explore ideas for new builds for customers once again. There has been a steady stream of rare and interesting guitars coming through the workshop for a service including some old custom builds (it's always nice to see some of my older babies returning home and still performing well).

One of the more recent highlights was having the late Wilko Johnson's number one Fender Telecaster in for a service: A 1963 model, chunky neck, full of percussive bite - and so many great songs written on it. This is just one of many beautiful vintage instruments that have been in this year (dotted in between numerous acoustic guitars left in hot sheds and tents.)

Low point? Just after Glastonbury when every guitar for a week was a manky old toy-shop acoustic being brought down from the loft, full of dead spiders. LJ

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