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Capturing the spirit of Nancy

The legend of underrated guitarist's guitarist Roy Buchanan seems stronger than ever in 2019. He was overlooked in his lifetime, partly due to turning down being a Rolling Stone, but subsequent generations of players have taken him to their hearts, maybe hearing something unique in his sound and style which continue to electrify those neck hairs.

We were delighted to be asked by a customer to pay homage to the man himself by custom building a LGW T-style guitar in the vain of "Nancy", his butterscotch tele with his famous tone, with it's uniquely voiced bridge pickup which was supposedly faulty.

Our partners at Evil Sheep pickups really came up with the goods and were able to create a superb bridge pickup which replicated Nancy's tone (with the added option of being switchable to a vintage tele sound if required).

This wasn't a slavish warts and all reproduction of Buchanan's instrument but more of a new old stock homage to it, and we were really pleased with the result...

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