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Ready-built or Made-to-order

You can buy one of our ready-built instruments - or we can make your dream custom guitar from scratch

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Outstanding Vintage Style Guitars, Handmade in our small workshop in Leigh-on-Sea, England


Leighton's Guitar Workshop is the place where affordable, vintage style instruments are lovingly hand crafted.

Guitars can be built to your own custom specification, bought off-the-shelf, or something in between. You can even come and try out your instrument before we finish it so that you can make sure it's just right. 

We believe in quality at a fair price, and we also believe that older woods sound much better, which is why we use re-claimed woods wherever possible.

We also service, set-up, modify and repair Guitars and Amplifiers, all in our small workshop in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Rough-cut guitar bodies - made from reclaimed Oak Butcher Block
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